Challenges that startups face

Startup will face myriad challenges from the very first dat, and as they continue to grow. Here at NEXT100, we help startup to identify such challenges and equip startups with the right resources to conquer the hurdles

Inability to find startup's

NEXT100 will work side-by-side with startup founders to discover their “Point of Impact” and the formula for sustainable growth

Inability to find startup's "Point of Impact"

Lack of Supporting ecosystem & resources

Starups can leverage from NextTech ecosystem of close to 20 platforms and 10+ million customers to quickly penetrate the market, and expand to South East Asia after some early success in Vietnam

Lack of Supporting ecosystem & resources

Shortage of funding

NEXT100 will invest seed rounds of upto $500K and coach startups founders to raise larger rounds from other local & international investors as they scale

Shortage of funding

Startup Soulmate

Startup Soulmate

Boasting nearly 20 years in technology and building startups, NextTech Group of Technopreneurs deeply understands the tragedy of Vietnam’s startups. That’s why we want to dedicate NEXT100 to all the aspiring founders out there who are thriving to succeed yet lacking essential support.

NextTech was once a small startup and fortunately led to where it is now, so we wish our resources and experience can contribute back to Vietnam startup ecosystem. We empathize with the loneliness and struggles during the early startup stages, so Next100 is positioned as a “startup soulmate” and hope to accompany the founders to overcome obstacles on the path to success at optimum time and cost.

Founding Partner, NEXT100 Ventures

Capital Investment

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Preliminary Pitching Session

Come & talk to NEXT100 investment assosicates

WEEK 2 - 3

Pitch Round #2

Present your business to NEXT100 Investment Committee

WEEK 4 - 5

Due Diligence

Undergo due diligence process

WEEK 6 - 8

Term Sheet Issuance

Review term sheet & legal documents

WEEK 9 - 10


Finalise legal process & receive funding

WEEK 11 - 12

Become a part of Nexttech ecosystem

Start being incubated and supported by Nexttech Group

WEEK 13 +

Our People

Mrs. Dao Lan Huong

Mrs. Dao Lan Huong

Vice Chairman, Nexttech Group of Technopreneurs Partner, Next100 Ventures

Mr. Nguyen Hoa Binh

Mr. Nguyen Hoa Binh

Group Founder, Chairman & Chief Entrepreneur at Nexttech Group of Technopreneurs Founder, Next100 Ventures

Mr. Dao Minh Phu

Mr. Dao Minh Phu

Managing Partner, Next100 Ventures

Mr. Tung Hoang

Mr. Tung Hoang

Portfolio Manager, Next100 Ventures

Mr. Tuan Doan

Mr. Tuan Doan

Managing Director, Next100 Ventures

Ms. Phuong Dau

Ms. Phuong Dau

Investment Analyst, Next100 Ventures

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