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Brand new investment fund focusing on blockchain-related startups in Vietnam and South East Asia

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Our Mission

Our mission is to complement and endorse reputable blockchain startups, as well as grow the successful implementation of blockchain in order to empower the community. We have pledged to become a “lighthouse” that can identify reliable and competent blockchain projects in the country.

Why Blockchain?

Why Blockchain?


Blockchain projects obtained crowdfunding in 2017 were a fraud.  

Next100 Blockchain intends to establish itself as a crucial reputable indicator, operate as a “lighthouse” to support the Crypto investing community to avoid unpleasant stories in the context of up to 80% of blockchain projects using crowdfunding were classified as a fraud.


Designed steps process

“The most distinguishing feature of Next100 Blockchain is the comprehensive evaluation system and stamp affirming the capacity and legitimacy of the project team, with 8 steps of due diligence process. Further to that, the investor enables communication to engage Blockchain Startups to the Crypto investment community and other reputable funds around the world, forming a launching pad for a strong Startup to reach out to the global Crypto market.” – Shark Nguyen Hoa Binh

Why Blockchain?

Vietnam Market

Vietnam Market


Bitcoin adoption

In 2021, Vietnam has been the most crypto-adopting country, with an overall index score of 1.

Vietnam leads globally in cryptocurrency adoption with 41% of respondents claiming to have bought Bitcoin


MetaMask Waller User

Vietnam is one of the top three nations with the most MetaMask wallet users.

In August 2021, Cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask had reached 10 million users, with most of its subscribers coming from Asia.

Vietnam Market

Our People

Mr. Nguyen Hoa Binh

Mr. Nguyen Hoa Binh

Group Founder, Chairman & Chief Entrepreneur at Nexttech Group of Technopreneurs Founder, Next100 Ventures

Mr. Doan Van Tuan

Mr. Doan Van Tuan

Managing Director, Next100 Ventures

Mr. Lee Le

Mr. Lee Le

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Mr. Nguyen Nguyen Soai

Mr. Nguyen Nguyen Soai

CEO at Up Holdings

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